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June 16, 2004
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S P E L L B O U N D by fantasio S P E L L B O U N D by fantasio
me again, with a new painted one,somehow i try to evolve my digital skills a bit, but unfortunately i need a new tablet, my artpadII has tooo much scratches and no spare lead:-(

anyways, thanks to those whose commented on my last deviation so far,i´m kinda busy at the moment, cuz i have to do work and learn a lot for exam next month...:nod:

i have some lines here, to go with this image, dunno, but i thought they might fit...
hope you like both:P

“...her victims are spellbound by the beauty of this magic-siren,
before she loves to gut them, and enjoys to prepare them for dinner...
Oh, now you fools, ...
take a pretty look, before you decide to end up in front of her feet.
This is the real bloody face of death!”
Permission granted for an image usage as reference from:
~morgana-stock / Ladymorgana

as always, constructive critique and comments are welcome and appreciated,

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© by Oliver Wetter / Fantabulous Visions*

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Thanks for your appreciation.

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Domminetti Jan 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lovers it to death...:)
This is a beautiful creation, nice work!!
maligo-are May 3, 2005   Photographer
really beautiful
that is absolutely stunning!
What can i say great piece of fantasy artwork here.
Lange nichts mehr bei dir commented, wird mal langsam zeit.

extremely nice, everything is so detailed and well put together.
incredible! i would be honored to have you use some of my stock sometime!
larkie Jun 26, 2004   Photographer
Love the pose and the contrast it has. The softness of the body vs the hard metallic look the armour has. And the skulls. nice touch.

The scratches on the tablet are worth it when the the result of the many brushstrokes is something like this ;)

Nice work

mariusbudu Jun 22, 2004  Professional Photographer
And your painting skills evolve with every submission it seems...

Fantastic work! I love the details and how you tied it in with a bit of a background story...

Something seems a bit odd about the legs though... The left one in particular...

Either way, Great Work my man!

.: M :.
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